A Few Words About GemBet Online Casino

Why GemBet?

GemBet is an established gambling organization in 2019. Operated under Rockman Enterprises Limited, a company registered and monitored by Cyprus governing law, it is owned by Grand Complications Limited, a company licensed by the Government of Curacao under all existing laws and regulations. This information comes to ensure the players that GemBet is a regulated operator and a safe place for all players.

Safety comes first and this is important for all players. Depositing your money to your GemBet account is quick and easy and there’s no need to worry about security here because as a reputable organization, it uses SSL and digital encryption to protect the sensitive data of the players.

Since GemBet attracts many Asian players, the PayNow deposit method is a nice way to deposit. This is a well-known digital way of depositing money that is connected widely with 9 Singaporean banks and it can be done easily with a scan of a QR code. Also, a quick way of deposits can be made from any of the four major banks in Singapore. It is easy and fast, and there are no deposit limits.

SG OCASA or Singapore Online Casino Anti-Scam Alliances is a company based in Singapore which provides supportive information and services to all players and gamblers, individuals, company, or betting syndicates that are in need of it.  Formed in 2000 as a Support Group they offer their services, pieces of advice and offer whatever they can to help with a goal to help one another by resolving problems, practicing, sharing information, and offering additional resources.


SG OCASA has several registered companies in order to support players including the WinTrust and WinTrust Plus programs. These programs are a Brand Trust mark that shares confidence and assurance to the players that they will not be scammed while playing at the listed online casino companies.

GemBet is a proud member of the WinTrust Anti-Scam Certificate program.

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GemBet is a proud member of

WinTrust Anti-Scam Certificate Program.